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Q: Do your Customers usually send the Unpainted Figures to you, or do you have direct access to obtain figures at discounted prices?

A: In most cases customers send unpainted figures. But we can also supply different manufacturers. There is nothing impossible :-), just ask!

Q: Do your Company paint Fantasy or Science Fiction figures?

A: We can paint any type of figures and to any quality.

Q: Do you paint plastic figures?

A: Yes, any size and to any quality. (1:72, 28mm, 1:35)

Q: Do you need uniform reference?

A: We have large number of uniforms books, Osprey, Funcken at our disposal, but we always prefer you to send us any pictures or any guidelines available to paint your figures to better meet our goal, your total satisfaction.

Q: What are the colors do you use?

A: We use matt acrylic colors in our painting operation. Gloss colors are available on request.

Q: Do you apply any Specific colors nominated?

A: If you have any Specific color combination of your own for certain chosen Figures please do write the Instruction clearly and include with the Figure package.

Q: Do you apply a matt varnish coat after you paint figures?

A: Yes, we apply a matt varnish coat to all of our miniatures.

Q: Can you copy Pre-painted figures?

A: Yes, exactly to your painted sample.

Q: How do I include Instructions for Painting?

A: All Packages consist of Figures should be numbered according to the Pictures you include as Painting Guides.

Q: What is are your time schedule turn around?

A: This time varies between 6-10 weeks.

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